Guide of Places to Meet Other Professionals In Tallahassee

Here are 6 places to make professional friends in Tallahassee. 4 min read


Working hard to get to the top to only find yourself the only one there is the worst part about being successful...

Does it really have to be so hard to meet new people and enjoy an intellectual conversation? Especially in a college town? No way. Does it really boil down to taking alternative scenic routes to work to feel like you are experiencing something new? Is being able to loan out money going to be the highlight of your career? Let's face it, it is nice spending time at home but sheesh can't you go out once and a while for fun? Finally, an answer to your prayers are here. Here is a list of places to go where you can meet other professionals without feeling like your soul is at stake! The beauty about these spaces are that it is almost inevitable to become introduced to someone new due to the nature of the environment. These spots for professionals offer great times that you could attend with friends or family. Can’t find a babysitter? No problem, these spaces are safe enough to bring your children too and not feel uncomfortable.

Here is the list:

1. Dream Defender Events

Dream Defenders is a local political organization for professionals seeking to stand for justice and peace in the community. They are often recognized as a rebellious group but it's because they don't easily back down. They are a group of educated people, why should they. Dream Defenders are always promoting family and unity in the community and are hosting free community events for families to attend. For more information follow their Instagram page @dreamdefenderstlh.

Note: Each of these titles on the list are direct links for your convenience.

2. Tallahassee Museum

This outdoor family environment is a perfect place for fun, exercise, relationship building, and socializing. The host leaders of Tallahassee Museum often times group strangers together making it easy to meet new people. It's a great chance you are going to meet other professionals at this location because truth be told you have to be a professional to afford hanging out there. Don't forget to mention Community Builders when you visit.

3. Railroad Square Craft House

This is a great restaurant with an amazing outdoor space to entertain kids and teens. They open pretty late and always are hosting arts and culture functions for the community to enjoy. It's located in Tallahassee's Arts District so there are plenty entertaining places in walking distance from here, including a skate park and playground. They serve food and craft beer, craft wine, and craft cocktails for those who are a fan. Be sure to mention Community Builders at your next visit.

4. Joe Ellen’s Restaurant

This is a great family restaurant located downtown. It's quality soul food and relaxed environment is perfect for a family lunch or dinner outing after leaving the Challenger Learning Space Center or IMAX 3D theatre which is right across the boardwalk from this restaurant. Tell them Community Builders sent you.

5. Family Worship and Praise Center

We often are asked by professionals for a good church to join. Churches are hard to recommend because of the major differences in people's belief systems. However, what we can say this church is non-denominational, heavily involved in the community, filled with young and older professionals of all backgrounds, and they have a very active children's church. If you are not sure what church to join and you have a professional background this is a great place to start.

6. Signature Lounge

This is a great socializing atmosphere for professionals looking to connect with other corporate and community leaders. This Lounge has great food, great drinks, music, and excellent customer service. This low-lit environment is the perfect space to relax after work. If you ever are looking to meet other professionals to enjoy great conversation over a well-mixed drink this is the place to be. Thursday nights are hosted especially for professional leaders to mingle and network with. Don't have a baby-sitter. This environment is child and teen friendly too.

If you know of a location that you think should be added to this list email us at and we will check it out. Thanks for reading. Happy Networking!